Monday, April 9, 2012

Davies Veterinary Specialists at the Hyde Park Veterinary Centre

We've just finished the first month of our collaboration with Davies Veterinary Specialists and find ourselves looking back and asking 'How was it for you?'.

Davies London W2 brings specialist vets right into central London as a service to London vets and their clients to make it easier to have access to the highest level of veterinary excellence without the hassle of having to travel for hours to get to a hospital out of London.

For us, it's been great - world class veterinary specialists working as colleagues right here in our clinic. A fantastic source of information and encouragement for the whole team, helping to raise our standards and enthusiasm for excellence every day. Sometimes I can't quite believe the progress we've made in this last 12 months...

And what about London's other vets? What have they been saying?

1. 'What a great idea!' Thanks - that's what we thought!

2. 'Really good service, convenient and good communication'. That was the idea. We're glad it's working well.

3. 'I'm worried that Hyde Park Vet is going to steal my clients' - that's just not going to happen. This is a Davies project, and all the arrangements are made in exactly the same way as if the patient was being seen up at the main Davies hospital in Bedfordshire. Other vet's clients are definitely NOT registered at Hyde Park. Davies just use our space.

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