Sunday, March 4, 2012

The 10 most common health problems in pets

Another fascinating fact for you on a Sunday night: according to Petplan the pet health insurer, the 10 most common health problems in pets are:

- hyperthyroidism
- diabetes
- cystitis
- kidney disease
- kidney failure
- weight loss
- lameness
- diarrhoea
- vomiting
- abcesses

Not sure quite what you're meant to do with that information, but there you go.

Slightly more alarming is that less than half of the UK's pets get to see their vet even once a year. Now I'm quite sure that doesn't apply to any Hyde Park clients, but...

Either way, you might want to find out what the symptoms of the top 10 are so that you'll recognise them if they happen to your pet.

Just a thought.

Oh and watch this space - we'll be going over them for you in the next few weeks

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